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Upcoming Motor Vehicle Act Regulations Changes: Class 4 Licenses

Upcoming changes to provincial motor vehicle regulations that will allow ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft to operate have raised some questions as to whether those changes will impact CSSEA employers.

Many CSSEA employers have employees who drive individuals receiving services as part of their job duties, either in their own vehicles, or in employer-owned vehicles.

CSSEA had previously obtained a legal opinion from the law firm Fasken Martineau stating that these employees were generally not required to obtain a Class 4 license, as long as they were not driving modified vehicles or passenger vans of more than 10 people, and as long as they were not receiving fees or compensation specifically for the transportation.…

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Application of Temporary Market Adjustments and Classification Changes

Temporary Market Adjustments (TMAs)

Under the recent Indigenous Services collective agreement settlement, there are two “Temporary Market Adjustments” (TMAs) for social workers who are classified as Social Program Officer (SPO) 24 and who work in Child Protection Services positions. In the public service negotiations in 2018, the Government and Union identified these positions as being subject to significant recruitment and retention challenges. As a result, child protection social workers will receive two TMAs in an effort to address this challenge.

The Delegated Aboriginal Agencies (DAAs) wage schedules are tied to the public service wage schedules, and as a result, social workers employed by both the Ministry and the DAAs are to receive the same increases, as follows:

  • Effective April 1, 2019 – C6 Delegated Child Protection social workers classified at Grid 24 working in CP positions will receive a TMA of one grid to grid 25; and
  • Effective April 1, 2021 – C6 Delegated Child Protection social workers classified at Grid 25 working in CP positions will receive an additional one grid TMA to Grid 26.…

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Register Now for 2019 AGM and Conference

Registration is now open for the 2019 AGM and Conference, Imagining the Next 25. While this year’s conference is a celebration of CSSEA’s 25 year history, it will also examine the various ways employers can position themselves to succeed in the next quarter century. The three-day event will be taking place October 8-10 in Vancouver at the Marriott Vancouver Pinnacle Downtown Hotel.
With guidance from the AGM Planning Committee, we put together a future-focused program that will include a keynote address from nationally recognized Millennial Engagement Expert and lawyer, Michelle Dagnino. Michelle will share her considerable insights on how to engage and motivate Millennials as they occupy the majority of the workforce in the next decade. Other sessions will include: managing current and future union-management relationships; building a workplace wellness program in changing times; leading with emotional intelligence; and more.

Take Advantage of Early Bird Rates

This year, we are introducing an early bird incentive for those who register before August 30. Register now to take advantage of these rates*:

Conference Date Registration Before August 30 Registration After August 30
Tuesday, October 8 $115 $130
Wednesday, October 9 $245 $275
Thursday, October 10 $175 $195
Full Package $425 $475

*all rates are subject to GST

Full program and registration details can be found on our conference website. Please note that CSSEA has negotiated a limited number of rooms at the Marriott hotel at a special conference group rate of $239 per night for a standard room. Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis and can be reserved online using our dedicated reservation page. If you have any questions, please contact Doris Sun, Director of Communications, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 604.601.3110 and toll-free at 1.800.377.3340 ext.110.…

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Proposed Changes to the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Code Now Law

Further to an earlier CSSEA Info that announced proposed legislative changes that would amend both the Employment Standards Act (“Act”) and Labour Relations Code (“Code”), members are advised that the bills progressed through subsequent readings in May and were passed into law late on May 30, 2019.

The new Act and Code provisions mirror the bills as they were described in the original CSSEA Info. Please ensure that your practices reflect these changes. In particular, the changes to the Act constitute workplace minimum standards and must be adopted by all employers. The only exceptions are in the following areas under our collective agreements that address:

  1. hours of work or overtime;
  2. statutory holidays;
  3. annual vacation or vacation pay, and;
  4. seniority retention, recall, termination of employment or layoff…

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Proposed Changes to the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Code

The provincial government recently tabled bills in the Legislature that propose changes to both the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Code. The following outlines key changes that may impact Community Social Services Employers.

Employment Standards Act (“Act”) – Bill 8

This is the first of what is expected to be a series of changes to the Act. The most significant changes proposed are that:

  1. Key components of a collective agreement must “meet or exceed” the corresponding provisions of the Act;
  2. Employees would be entitled to additional forms of unpaid leaves in exceptional circumstances; and
  3. The period in which employees can recover wages payable would be extended.…

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Reminder: Submit Nominations for 2019 Awards of Excellence

There are now less than three weeks remaining to submit your nominations for the 2019 BC Community Social Services Awards of Excellence. The awards, presented with generous support from TELUS, is a wonderful way to acknowledge outstanding individuals working in BC’s publicly funded community social services sector. Nominations are being accepted in four categories, each aiming to honour the work of individuals at different stages of their careers.

How to Nominate

Anyone can submit a nomination online. In addition, those who have submitted nominations in previous years for individuals who were not selected to receive an award are welcome to re-submit their nominations this year. The process is straightforward and consists of four questions requiring a maximum 500-word response for each.

Full details on the four awards categories, as well as the online nomination form, can be found on our Awards Website. Nominations will be accepted until 5pm on April 18.…

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2018 Employee Turnover Report Now Available

As part of CSSEA’s ongoing commitment to provide members with value-added services, we are pleased to share the 2018 Employee Turnover Report. The report was made possible through data collected from the 2018 Compensation and Employee Turnover Survey. As always, we thank you for your participation.

If you have not yet completed the 2019 Compensation and Employee Turnover Survey, please do so by May 31, 2019. If you are new to survey completion and require assistance, or if you have questions related to data collection, Low Wage Redress distribution, and the like, please register for one of our complimentary orientation sessions taking place around the province.

Any questions about this report, survey completion, or access to WFIS can be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .…

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Nominations Now Open for the 2019 BC Community Social Services Awards of Excellence

Now is the time to submit your nominations for the fifth annual BC Community Social Services Awards of Excellence, presented by CSSEA and sponsored by TELUS. If you know outstanding individuals working in BC's publicly funded community social services sector, do not miss the chance to share their stories on why they deserve to be recognized in the sector.

Four Award Categories

The Awards of Excellence celebrate four individuals who provide vital services to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

The award categories are:…

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Your Input is Needed in 2019 Compensation and Employee Turnover Survey

The 2019 Compensation and Employee Turnover Survey is now available to complete. It is very important that all members complete the survey, as your data needs to be included in the sector’s total compensation cost reported to the Public Sector Employers’ Council (PSEC). Data collected supports the implementation of the 2019-2022 collective agreements and will also be used to inform the allocation and distribution of the April 1, 2020 Low Wage Redress wage increases.

Members have until May 31, 2019 to submit the survey through one of the following options:

  1. The Excel Survey, which is the recommended method for most members.
  2. The Work Force Information System (WFIS), where data can be entered directly online or can be copied from last year’s survey and then edited online.
  3. Payroll Extract for members using ComVida EMS42 Payroll, Payworks Payroll and Avanti Software which allows member to export relevant information and includes a short supplementary survey. For members using payroll extract for the first time or to submit your extract, please contact David Lin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For payroll vendor-specific questions, please consult your applicable contact: 

Avanti Software Inc.
CSSEA Sales Support Team
Phone: 1-800-660-0464 ext.4
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ComVida Corporation
Gord Gruger, CA
Director of National Sales
Toll Free: 1-866-266-8432 ext. 111
Direct: 604-540-3011 Cell: 778-883-4409
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ian Pedersen
Senior Corporate Consultant
Phone: 604.460.2862 x110
Mobile: 604.818.1744
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. …

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CSSEA and CSSBA Agree to Early Childhood Educator Wage Enhancement Allocation Process

CSSEA and the Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA) have agreed to a process by which to allocate Early Childhood Educator (ECE) wage enhancements and have jointly created a template for use by both parties to implement those wage enhancements. Both CSSEA and the CSSBA have agreed to provide direction to their respective employers and union representatives on this process.


As part of the Provincial Government’s Early Care and Learning Recruitment and Retention Strategy, front-line Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) working in eligible licensed child care facilities receiving Child Care Operating Funding (CCOF) will be eligible to receive a $1 per hour wage enhancement beginning in early 2019 and retroactive to September 1, 2018.

Another $1 per hour is scheduled for April 1, 2020, which will increase the total wage enhancement to $2 per hour as part of Government’s Childcare BC plan. Additional funding for statutory benefits will also be provided.…

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Latest Update on Early Childhood Educator Funding

CSSEA recently received further clarification from PSEC on the BC government’s Early Childhood Educator (ECE) wage enhancement program, which will offer eligible employees a $1-per-hour wage increase retroactive to September 1, 2018, and a second $1-per-hour wage increase in April 2020.

Specifically, CSSEA is informed that members who offer non-provincially funded childcare programs are eligible for the ECE wage enhancement funding. Members who have a local agreement in place must first demonstrate that the agreement has been updated to show the wage enhancement in order to be eligible for funding. If employers do not have a local agreement, they are automatically eligible for the funding once they apply.

As we are quickly approaching the application deadline of December 31, 2018, CSSEA encourages all members who want to be considered for funding to apply here. For more background on this issue, please consult our recent CSSEA Info or government’s ECE webpage.

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