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CSSEA Employee Classifications Among Those Included in Expanded Mental Health Presumption

BC’s Ministry of Labour recently announced that 11 more occupations were added to the “mental health presumption” under the Workers Compensation Act. This presumption means that if an employee develops a mental health illness or injury that is recognized as being associated with that occupation, then the condition is presumed to have been due to the nature of their work, unless otherwise proven.

This means more workers from select occupations will be provided with easier and faster access to workers’ compensation for psychological injuries caused by work-related trauma. The 11 new occupations include:

  • community-integration specialists
  • coroners
  • harm-reduction workers
  • parole officers
  • probation officers
  • respiratory therapists
  • shelter workers
  • social workers
  • transition house workers
  • victim service workers
  • withdrawal-management workers.

These occupations join a growing list of mental health presumptions that also include firefighters, police, paramedics, sheriffs, correctional officers, health care assistants, nurses and emergency response dispatchers.

The amendments will provide workers with more efficient access to treatment and supports, including compensation benefits, once a psychological injury has been diagnosed. The assessment claims process will require a diagnosis from a registered psychologist and/or a psychiatrist.

We encourage members to re-assess the exposure level to psychological injuries for all staff, particularly for the listed occupations, and ensure that supports are in place to best prevent injuries. Suggested resources include WorkSafeBC – Managing Risk, CSSHSA Resources and CSSHSA Violence Risk Assessment Tool.

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