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CSSBA File Wage-Related Policy Grievance

The Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA) filed a sector-wide policy grievance on May 2, 2023 claiming that a number of Employers have not yet implemented the 2023 wage rates that were effective the first full pay period in April, as set out under the recently concluded collective agreements. The policy grievance further claims that Employers have not paid retroactive wage increases back to April 2022. The grievance seeks as a remedy the payment of the 2023 wage rates in the first pay period following April 1, 2023 and retroactive wage rates “within a reasonable time” following ratification, plus interest.

We understand that a number of Employers have not yet seen adjustments to funding and that key funding ministries have committed to adjust funding within four months of ratification (see Funding Letter). CSSEA will be discussing the policy grievance with the CSSBA and will reinforce the timelines found in the Funding Letter and further convey that many Employers would find it challenging, if not impossible, to pay the significant increases agreed to in bargaining without adequate new funding support. Employers who are in a position to implement the wage increases should do so as soon as possible, but if unable, be prepared to explain the reason why.

We will provide further updates on the policy grievance in the coming months. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact your Advocate/Consultant.

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