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Further Details on Distribution of Temporary Pandemic Pay

Employers should have recently received additional details from their provincial funders regarding the process for receiving Temporary Pandemic Pay (TPP) for distribution to eligible employees. Employers will be required to submit a claim form for all its provincially-funded programs and will be receiving a web link to an online Excel-based template for completion in mid-September. The completed claim form will be e-mailed to a central account for processing and a sample claim form can be found here so employers can now gather the required information and employee data.

Once the claim form has been validated, the Ministry of Finance will disburse the funding to employers, who will be responsible for:

  • ensuring the funds are accurately distributed to their eligible employees as a lump sum payment on a regular paycheque
  • making best efforts to provide the pay to eligible employees who have resigned or retired from the organization
  • addressing any issues arising from staff with regard to the funding distribution, for example, the amount of pandemic pay or the hours that were worked in the 16-week period


Union Dues for Temporary Pandemic Pay

Since CSSEA issued its June 4, 2020 FAQs on TPP, several unions have revised their positions regarding the deduction of union dues from TPP lump sum payments. The following table reflects the latest, with the bolded unions indicating updated positions:

Union Whether Dues are Payable


Live-In and Overnight Calculations

Some of CSSEA’s members have inquired about what hours should be counted for the purpose of calculating the pay on live-in or overnight hours. Employees working these shifts are not expected to work the full hours that they are in attendance at a client’s location (eg. 24 hours (live-in) or 12 hours (overnight). They are typically paid based on a calculation of hours the employee is expected to work in the shift, and the pandemic pay should be calculated on the same basis. For example, a live-in employee may be paid for 13 hours for each 24 hour live-in period, and the 13 hours would thus be used for the calculation instead of the full 24 hours. 

Employer Health Tax

Employers are reminded that lump-sum pandemic payments are part of their payroll and considered to be remuneration for the purposes of the Employer Health Tax Act.

Reminder to Avoid “Stacking” Different Types of Pandemic Pay

Employers who were eligible to receive a form of pandemic pay from other provincial sources (eg. BC Housing) are reminded to apply only one type of pay for any specific period of the calculation (either the temporary pandemic pay or the Safe Staffing initiative of BC Housing) but not both in relation to the same hours. The BC Housing initiative was available for eligible employers and employees for the period April 1 to April 30, 2020.

Next Steps

CSSEA will be discussing the flow of TPP funds, as well as coordination with unions, at its upcoming Board and Panel meetings in September. We will communicate any further guidance that arises from those meetings. In the meantime, members with technical questions about completing the claim form can e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Both employers and employees are also encouraged to check the TPP website for periodic updates.


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Director of Communications
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