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Unionization of Employers

When a CSSEA member agency becomes newly unionized by the Labour Relations Board, the agency becomes a party to a "sectoral" collective agreement. The sectoral collective agreement sets out the terms of the employment relationship between the agency and its unionized employees. This typically requires changes in terms of employment from current policies and procedures, and an increase in labour costs.

CSSEA supports and advises member agencies who become newly unionized or newly "certified" by the Labour Relations Board. The links below will direct newly certified agencies to information that will assist them in navigating the next steps in the unionization process following certification.  

New Certification Checklist

Please connect as soon as possible with your assigned HRLR Consultant at CSSEA to review and discuss topics that include the following:

  • The 12 month statutory "Freeze Period" and continued application of current policies and procedures
  • Phasing-in operational and monetary provisions of the Collective Agreement
  • Updating Job Descriptions and the Job Evaluation process
  • Establishing a Seniority List
  • Negotiating "Local Issues" terms not covered by the Collective Agreement
  • Negotiating Non Provincially Funded (NPF) program terms, if applicable
  • Application process for the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP)
  • Securing an approved health and welfare benefits carrier
  • Maintaining communications with agency funders
  • Collective Agreement costing


Reference Documents – New Certifications

The following CSSEA Guide provides more detail about next steps following the certification of a union at an agency, and the application of the sectoral Collective Agreement:

Management Guide for Newly Certified Employers - November 2020

For those employers that are in the midst of an organizing drive by a union prior to a Labour Relations Board certification hearing, please see the Labour Relations Board website for materials on the organizing process. 

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