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Answers to your frequently asked questions about logging in, opening documents and finding what you need on the website. 


What are the recommended settings and internet browsers for viewing CSSEA's website?

I forget my agency's username and password

Can I change my agency's username and password?

Should I give out my agency's username and password to staff?

How can I inform CSSEA of changes in our agency's contact information?

How do I know that this website is secure?

List of acronyms used in the sector


What are the recommended settings and internet browers for viewing CSSEA's website?

This website is best viewed using Internet Explorer v.9 or greater, Firefox v.15 or greater, or Chrome v.22 or greater. The optimum resolution is 1024x768.

This website is also compatible with Internet Explorer 6 or greater, Firefox 3 or greater and any version of Google Chrome, Safari or Opera. Users of these browsers may experience reduced appearance and functionality in addition to longer loading times. Browsers not listed may be compatible but are not supported. If your browser is not supported, please contact us to have it tested and added to our list.


I forget my agency's username and password. What should I do?

Click "Login" at the top right of the homepage. A dialogue login box will open and you can click either "I forgot my password" or "I forgot my username".  Follow the instructions. A secure token will be sent to the email listed in your account information. Paste this token per the instructions on the screen. Please allow time...a minute or two.... for the email systems to transfer the information. Should you encounter any difficulties please contact CSSEA by telephone at 604.687.7220 or toll-free at 1.800.377.3340. 


Can I change my agency's username and password?

You may not change your Username, but you may change your password. See the instructions above.

Should I give out my agency's username and password to staff?

The username and password have been issued to the primary contact of each agency. It is the responsibility of the primary contact to determine which individuals at their agency, if any, should have access to the CSSEA website. We will provide additional user accounts for email addressed associated with your organization. We usually require that the email include your organization's domain name Example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   (@cssea.bc.ca is the "domain" name)

How can I inform CSSEA of changes in our agency's contact information?

If there are changes in your agency's leadership, address, phone numbers or if you wish to add other members of staff to the CSSEA contact list, please fill out the applicable sections of this form and submit.

How do I know that this website is secure?

Our site uses SSL to ensure the identity of our servers and keep your data secure. We will never use a certificate issued by an untrusted source and should you receive any certificate warnings, please stop usage of the site and contact us immediately.

Our site is secured using 128bit encryption to process online transactions and other interactions such as membership logon. Your browser must have these functions enabled in 

List of Acronyms Common in the Sector

AS Aboriginal Services
AG Ministry of Justice and Attorney General
AGM Annual General Meeting
BCGEU BC Government and Service Employees' Union
BCNU British Columbia Nurses' Union
CAW Canadian Auto Workers' Union
CLAC Christian Labour Association of Cananda
CLBC Community Living British Columbia
CLS Community Living Services
CSBT Community Services Benefits Trust
CSSBA Community Social Services Bargaining Association of Unions
CSSEA Community Social Services Employers' Association
CSSEIP Community Social Services Early Intervention Program
CSWU Construction and Specialized Workers' Union
CUPE Canadian Union of Public Employees
EIC Early Intervention Coordinator
EIP Early Intervention Program
ESA Employment Standards Act
FTE Full-time Equivalent
GS General Services
HBT Healthcare Benefit Trust
HEABC Health Employers Association of BC
HEU Hospital Employees' Union
HR Human Resources
HSA Health Sciences Association
IUOE International Union of Operating Engineers
JJEP Joint Job Evaluation Plan
LR Labour Relations
LRB Labour Relations Board
LTD Long-term Disability
MCFD Ministry of Children and Family Development
MSD Ministry of Social Development
MPP Municipal Pension Plan
MPSSG Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General
OIC Order in Council
PSEC Public Sector Employers' Council
SHAWU Service, Health and Allied Workers' Union
UBA Union Bargaining Association
UFCWU United Food & Commercial Workers' Union
USA United Steelworkers of America
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